Appreciating yourself

Are we gifted naturally? Do we already have enpough within us to succeed and flourish? 

I believe so and I have experienced it with myself and others close to me. The field of Appreciative Inquiry and Positive Psychology give us research evidence that throws light on the how our natural gifts are so unique that we if we recognise it in ourselves, we might accelerate our success and fulfillment.

In this workshop session, we will begin with concepts of self-esteem, then dig into the various gifts that you have within yourself - including your values, strengths, skills, past successes and visions of the future. We will discuss research evidence and pragmatic methods to live appreciatively with gratitude - taking baby steps one at a time. This leads to a life of abundance - what we appreciate tend to grow in value. You will walk away with a deep appreciation of yourself and others, including some practices you could adopt in your life and work. And ofcourse with an action plan to realise your dreams.

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