Event Date & Time

21st April 2018

09:00am to 17:00pm SGT

Event Venue & Price


SGD 40.00

Are you facing dilema in terms of your career direction and choices? Are you asking questions like: how can I be more strategic in my career? How could I uncover my 'calling'? How can I achieve more fulfillment, satisfaction and joy from my work? How can I improve my relationships at my workplace?

If you are pondering over such questions, here is a great opportunity for you to spend some guided and focused time to do real work around your career. Not only will you begin the journey of discovery, you will also learn a new way of managing similar challenges in the future. As a participant, you receive a book, with the principles and practices that will guide you through a process called Appreciative Inquiry - a great way to initiate change in your life and in others too.

To maintain a personal learning environment, the group size is kept small. In this 4 sessions x 3 hours workshop, you will learn, reflect, share and take specific actions towards your career/work related goals. Togther, we will create a safe space for you to envision your future and take steps to realise it.

Your takeaways

Imagine what it would look like - if you could maintain your motivation in life through meaningful work by making use of your best strengths, values and skills? This alignment would energise you each morning with a positive and productive attitude for the day ahead .. in less than five minutes, as you ground yourself in your purpose and goals.


Appreciative Inquiry as a philosophy of life and a way to see the world, would transform your negative thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and unable to create the career you want. What else? The principles could equally be applicable to all aspects of life.

You will develop stronger, smoother and more meaningful relationships at work and recognise the potential good in ANY and EVERY situation.

In this four session conversational workshop and the homework in between, you will learn the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry that might be used in all work/life situations.

Tools for you

You will receive a book to be used as a resource for the principles of Appreciative Inquiry titled "The Joy of Appreciative Living Book: Your 28-Day Plan to Greater and Happiness in 3 Incredibly Easy Steps." by Jacqueline Kelm. In addition, you will also receive a printed participant workbook to guide you through the exercises and concepts.

Isn't this an exciting way to begin your journey towards a successful career and in general a successful life?

In case you like more details, please write to me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Call or message me at +65 98390254.


1. Do I have to attend all the four sessions?

Yes, please schedule your time to attend all the four sessions fully. The workshop follows a process and it is required to work through the concepts step by step.

2. Is there a homework?

After each session, you will have some readings from the book, and also time for recording your reflections. The homework will be light and meaningful to find answers to your questions.

3. Where can I use these principles?

You can pretty much use the principles of Appreciative Inquiry in all walks of life including, family settings, work, sociey and personally for yourself. If you are a trainer, coach, facilitator, manager or human resource professional, you will be able to use the tools and the processes in your work with people.

4. How is the workshops structured?

The workshop will have some lectures to explain the concept. There will be a lot of time spent in conversations sharing your perspectives, experiences and practical challenges. We will also have time for reflections and insights.

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