Developing High Performance through drive and positivity

September 11, 2017
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Have you wondered how to get your team to become a high performing team? Have you thought about ways to handle negativity and complacence in your team?

A performing team holds each other accountable for results, builds deeper relationships, stays committed to common goals and produces high quality results consistently. A ‘ dream would be to get a team to this stage, as it unburdens her of day to day monitoring, so she can focus more on strategy and leadership.

Facilitating Learning Appreciatively for Adults

September 6, 2017
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Lets talk about Appreciative Learning Facilitation - a skill that makes a real teacher!

Knowledge has become so commonplace. It has become cheaper than most of the commodities, not necessarily high in quality. Adult learners don’t come to a class as blank pages anymore; they are like patients who know a lot about the diagnosis and medication even before consulting a doctor. ’Googling’ has become the default to ‘find’ anything. Internet is the infinite grass patch on which we search for the lost key. Facebook like social media interfaces consume so much of our energy and focus. People who have something or the other to sell compete for grabbing our attention even for just a few seconds.

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