Leading Organizational Learning Appreciatively

October 2, 2017
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People Development functions (generally called Human Resource Development or Training and Development) have a noble mission, yet a challenging assignment - they have the power to change the organization, one yet to be created! They walk on tight ropes, balancing their passion in enabling an ideal learning culture, yet managing the expectations of stakeholders who expect high impact with lower investment.

Do not spend on innovation unless..

September 27, 2017
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Remember the last time your team challenged the status quo? Learned something together? Gave each other some feedback? Appreciated the strengths in their contributions? Made some mistakes while experimenting? If you cant remember, or if it was too long time back, you might have a culture that is not yet fertile for innovation.

A Problem with Problem Solving - Questions might be the answer!

September 18, 2017
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Imagine a tree that is harmful to people. If we sever the main central root, the tree will fall one day. We do not need to pluck every leaf and chop off every branch - which depletes our energy and time.

When we solve challenges, do we take enough time to dig into the root of it? We might think we do, but think twice. Have you sat through meetings where a topic is brought up, decisions are made quickly and the next agenda item is took up for discussion? Have you noticed that many of the participants have not got enough time to understand, think through and contribute to the situation?

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