My philosophy

I have never planned to be here at this point of time - yet I had dreamed and visualised it. I envision a future in which all of us have the choice, clarity and conviction that we can create our own future - in aspects of life.

We all have the inner resources that call call forth all that we need to ‘succeed’ in life. We need to begin with exploration of the landscape of life and define what does ‘success’ mean to us. This journey might seem to take ages - yet the first in this direction would produce amazing results for you and those around you. Sometimes you may need to seek the assistance of another person - a friend, a coach or someone close to you at work. I have travelled that path and I like to invite you to take that journey with me. We will not exclude any one or anything - science, philosophy, religion, our own experiences and everything that help us in this path. Lets do it together - for a better self and a better world.

My values


I am free - 24x7. It comes from the knowing that I am not connected to and hence affected by any thing else that seem to exist. I make it a point to work and live from this freedom that gives me joy and fulfilment. This is a value I hold on to, more than anything else.


I recognised pretty later in my life that I have choice in almost everything. Choice gives me power - in my thoughts, words and actions. It helps me to be where I need to be. It empowers me to drop anything that is has no value for me.


It is a gift I have to be open to new ways of experiencing the world - through inquiry, learning, listening and surrendering to what is. It helps me keep my mind fresh, calm and inviting.

My strengths

I am a fast learner, willing to spend time to study, internalise and apply various principles that has been passed down to us through traditions of science and philosophy. Maintaining calmness and composure in challenging situations and dealing with people is a strength I am grateful for. I enjoy my thinking nature, helping me to see patterns and gain insights from the most ordinary experiences. I am developing my skills in speaking and writing. Books are my vey good friends - they have made a difference to me all along.

My purpose

It has been evolving ever since I started the self discovery process. From saving children, to protecting animals, from financial freedom to social service, from spiritual growth to becoming a teacher - the destination has been getting clearer.

At this point, I relate my purpose to that of a tree - standing tall in a meadow, with deep roots and spread out branches, offering all it has to the world, thus fulfilling its responsibility with its majestic presence.

Some unnecessary details about me

I live in Singapore with my family (my wife and a daughter) for the past 18 years, after having moved from India, while working as an engineer. I went through many transitions including career - finally having worked with Hewlett Packard in Singapore as part of their human resources team. I had been working solo as well with teams running businesses since 2009. Learning has been a passion ever since the world of knowledge was open to me and I had the means to pursue it independently. Life experiences both inner as well in connection with family, friends and others have enriched my life. Spiritual pursuits have given me clarity of who I am and helped me courageously move forward in life fulfilling various roles I have taken on.