Jayan Warrier

welcome - i am glad you came to visit. this web site is my way of reaching out to you and the world.

i intend to serve - using my strengths - to elevate your spirit, uplift your being, through meaningful conversations of mutual discovery. I hope that will help you carry it forward, in service of the universe. i am grateful wherever this takes me, in my learning journy.

in the following pages, i will share a little about myself, my philosophy and how i see life and the work that enlivens me.

you are welcome to get in touch with me, share ideas, provide suggestions and ask questions. relationships have enriched my life - i hope the same happens to you too.

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Labour Of Love

Below you will find some events I organise either in public or in a closed setting in a company, school, community or home. If you like to join any of these, please write to me. I will be happy to share more details.

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October 2, 2017
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People Development functions (generally called Human Resource Development or Training and Development) have a noble mission, yet a challenging assignment - they have the power to change the organization, one yet to be created! They walk on tight ropes, balancing their passion in enabling an ideal learning culture, yet managing the expectations of stakeholders who expect high impact with lower investment.

September 27, 2017
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Remember the last time your team challenged the status quo? Learned something together? Gave each other some feedback? Appreciated the strengths in their contributions? Made some mistakes while experimenting? If you cant remember, or if it was too long time back, you might have a culture that is not yet fertile for innovation.

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I usually write short pieces on life and work. Some of them tend to be deep and philosophical. I like to share my thoughts and help you think by yourself - so that you uncover the greatness in you and the goals you like to set for yourself. I will share with you if I plan to run any workshops or learning sessions too. Please share with me your email address, in case you would be interested to receive these emails - they will not be fancy, they will not be regular and not annoying for sure. Your email and details will not be shared.

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